A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

it's a Classic Survival Horror game with modern vibes

The game is in active development.
I would appriciate if you'll make a video of your first walkthrough,
and publish it to Youtube (or similar), or just send it to me.
This will help me to  make this game better.

I've mixed the best of classic Resident Evil and DinoCrisis games and put in on a modern trails like the Remakes does.


  • Take a deep breath of a thick survival horror atmosphere!
  • Smash nasty zombie's heads off!
  • Solve the puzzles!
  • Read the notes!
  • Collect the Collectables!
  • Escape the town by three ways!


WASD - Movement
Mouse - Look
RMB - Aim
LMB - Fire/Kick
Shift - Sprint
Mouse Scroll Wheel - Change Weapons
R - Reload
E - Interaction
Q - Use the First aid kit
M - Map
Tab - Inventory
ESC - Main Menu


BioCrisis_033.zip 182 MB
BioCrisis_86_033.zip 177 MB
BioCrisisLinux_033.zip 222 MB

Development log


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I really want to play, but the character will only walk forwards and is stuck on the curbside. :(

wow this is so cool!

buen juego quiero saber como termina, y ya esta en mi lista de deseos

I liked it! Visual part is simple and atmospheric at the same time. Good sounds. Puzzles is enjoyable. It remains to work on the story.

Without a doubt, a great tribute to the classics of the genre. I've never had as much fun as I had with this game here. It has great potential for a great indie game. Congratulations on your game and keep it up, I want to play this game when it's complete.

my first attempt at this game didn't have a lot of time but really enjoying it so far

My anti-virus flagged this game as dangerous 

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Does you antivirus do this often?

Nope, your game is the only game from itch to be flagged as dangerous 

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Well i don't know the reason
You are free1 not to download my game here.

Ther's the free demo on Steam. Do you think they do virus cheking?

I'll check it out on steam as it does look interesting.Thanks!

I played this game with a strong and funny Persian Accent!๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ be sure to Like and Subscribe!



Thank you!

please make it available for 32 bit operating systems too

Did you tried it? Not working on 32 at all?

Made it

Deleted 87 days ago

Thank you!

This is a very enjoyable and solid start. Definitely evokes the feeling of Dino Crisis and the Resident Evil games. Even now, the controls feel great, the game has a nice look etc. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

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Thank you!
That was great playthrough!

This was really cool! Also I made a video! Also also I got scared way too many times but I really liked this game. Ducat if you need an English proof reader let me know ๐Ÿ‘ I'm just a fan I don't want any compensation just wanna help out if you need it ๐Ÿ’œ

It seems I really do need English native speaker :)

Thank you

is it available for 32 bit

i believe it's universal


I have a rx 580 8gb and the fx 8300 processor and the game runs at 30-44 fps using 44% of the processor and 0% of the video card.

Yep. I did optimized the game since the demo release. Will be in upcoming update

Hey, made a video where I give my thoughts from the QA / tester perspective! Bio Crisis: Evil Hazard - My Thoughts - YouTube

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Great video!
Thanks gor all the advices!

The keycard is on the security's dead body in the toilet

Made a video


OMG! You've totally broke my game XD
Thank you!

Happy you enjoyed us accidently breaking your game and hope it can help in some way

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good jobs

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Is it the game laggy or it's your video recording software?
I saw a bug. Zombies must rise up if you didn't blew their heads off... But they were just laying down.